A380neo : game on!

Recently, Fabrice Bregier strongly hinted the need to upgrade the A380 to compete with B777X.

Overall, it would seem that neo philosophy is going to span full Airbus product line very soon with the A320neo set to fly in 2016, the A330neo that could be launched by 2017/8 and the A380neo.

Previously, we have been quite skeptical about the A380neo comparing it to the benefits of developing the A330neo.

However, in a context where wide-body capacity on Airbus side will be lagging with respect to Boeing, resources should be available from A350-1000 and A320neo (partially) and where in the end, A330neo development + A380neo development should amount to lower costs with respect to new development, A380 could be serious option to consider.

In any case, with B777X (and A350-1000 actually), A380 in its current version will be very difficult to sell…

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