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Delta RFP

We have found very interesting analysis on Delta RFP in Airchive blog

In summary, for Delta conservative fleet approach

  • Replacement of B767-300ER : B787 vs A330(neo) => A330neo
  • Replacement of B747: B777-300ER vs A350-1000 => B777-300ER with quite pricing assumptions on B777 vs A350.  Remark: I belive that Airbus will market A380 in this segment in complement of A350.





Super Connectors Economist

Emirates / Qatar / Etihad / Turkish traffic growth rates : > 15%
Air France capacity growth: 2-3%
British Airways: 2-3%
Dubai airport pax growth rate: > 20%
Paris airport pax growth rate: 0.1%
London Heathrow pax growth rate: 6%
Worldwide Long-term pax traffic growth: ~5%
Emirates orderbook: ~400 aircraft
Air France orderbook: ~70 aircraft
British Airways orderbook: ~ 60 aircraft

Well…Something’s gotta give….Connectors are coming for the likes of Air France, British Airways, Lufthansa…I would expect changes in Europe landscape in mid-term (consolidation, partnerships,…)

Super-connectors: new kid on the block

Emirates: 15% traffic growth in 2013 (vs 2012)
Etihad: 16% traffic growth in 2013 (vs 2012)
Qatar: 7% traffic growth in 2013 (vs 2012)
(not so) new kid on the block – Turkish Airlines: 23.6% traffic growth in 2013 (vs 2012)
Well…game is on! (and by the way, world average traffic growth stands at around 5%-6%…)

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