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Airbus and Safran Ariane 6 configuration

In addition, to June 16th Launcher JV announcement, Airbus and SAFRAN are proposing  an alternative design to current A6 baseline (see  post on May 5th). This new design introduces 2 Ariane 6 versions

Ariane 6.1 with a performance of ~4.5T in GTO and a projected cost of ~70 M€

-First stage : Cryogenic propulsion

-Boosters : 2 composite solid propulsion strap-ons (P145)

-Upper stage : « Aestus » type stage (storable propellant stage propulsion like Ariane 5 first versions)

Ariane 6.2 with a performance of ~8.5 T in GTO and a projected cost of ~85 M€

-First stage and boosters : same as Ariane 6.1

-Upper stage : Cryogenic upper stage based on « Vinci » engine

Hereunder a rendering of these 2 configurations

Ariane 6 Airbus_Safran

This configuration is very different from CNES / ESA agreed Ariane 6 baseline (again, see post of May 5th ). In a nutshell, it is more flexible and maintains large cryogenic propulsion industry but it is around 20% more expensive.

So what next? Well, the defining moment for Ariane 6 configuration choice (and planning by the way) will be next ESA Council Meeting in December. Till then,  lots of discussions between CNES, ESA and Industry…